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Valsneset test station

VIVA operates a test station at Valsneset in Bjugn municipality at Fosen in Mid-Norway. Valsneset is a peninsula with approximately a homogenous plane 2 -4 m above sea levelwith a costal climate and good wind conditions.

The test station is prepared with roads, foundations, grid connection and concession for wind turbines up to 5 MW effect. The site is easy accessible by road and by sea with onsite quay. The test station is equipped with wind measuring mast, high speed communication and basic office and meeting facilities, and there are nearby hotel accommodation and catering service.

Facilities at the test station is used by industry and research institutions to develop, test and demonstrate new components, pilot scale and full scale solutions for wind power production.

Wind conditions at Valsneset

The annual average wind speed at Valsneset is 8,4 m/s, 50 meters above ground level, with a turbulence less than 9%.

valsnseset vind2

Expected wind conditions at Valsneset at 50 meter above ground level.

valsneset vind1