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VIVA AS was founded in 2000, with the objective to be a test station for technology development for wind power production. The reason to establish at test centre is the need to be able to field test new technology in pilot scale, and to do verification and demonstration in full scale.

It is well-established that there is a need for technology development within wind power production to be able to reduce cost and improve profitability in both onshore and especially offshore wind park developments, and there is a large interest and activity both from industry and research institutes to develop new knowledge and new solutions.

The challenge is often to develop new solutions from numerical calculations and laboratory scale testing to commercial implementation. Utility companies developing wind power parks want proven technology, and it is challenging for technology developers to find areas to test and demonstrate new components or full scale solutions. And if such areas can be found it is a time consuming process to obtain necessary permits.

Thus there is need for test infrastructure that can be utilized by industry and research institutes to develop, test and demonstrate new solutions for wind power production.


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