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Welcome to VIVA

VIVA is a test centre for wind turbines and offers access to infrastructure for test, verification and demonstration of components and full scale solutions for wind power production. The infrastructure includes prepared sites for full scale wind turbines, access to turbines for component testing and wind measurement equipment. The facilities can be used for education, research and industry purposes.

VIVA operates a test station at Valsneset in Mid-Norway prepared for full scale turbine testing. The test station is easy accessible by land and sea transportation, has good wind condition for certification.

Interested? Please browse our website or contact us for further information.

  • Grid compliance test
    Grid compliance test

    SINTEF Energy Research has conducted a grid compliance test at VIVAs test station at Valsneset. The test was the first trial of a new mobile laboratory for grid compliance testing and was carried out in cooperation with TrønderEnergi and Enercon. The test involved an Enercon 2.3 MW turbine and showed good grid compliance qualities in the turbine.

  • LIDAR wind measurement
    LIDAR wind measurement

    NTNU has located a Leosphere Windcube Lidar at Valsneset test station. The Lidar will be used for wind condition research and to determine wind turbine power curves.

    The Lidar is portable and can with small transport and installation requirements be utilized for field measurements at other locations.

  • Mobile lab for grid testing
    Mobile lab for grid testing

    SINTEF Energy has purchased a new mobile lab for grid compliance testing that is avaliable for testing of grid compliance of generators.

    The grid code sets requirements to the ability of generators to ride-through certain voltage dips, though this influence wind turbine stability, structural loads and lifetime.